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off the beaten path elopements, weddings, & couples photographer

I am an off the beaten path adventurous elopement and wedding photographer kickin’ it between Southern Utah and the Eastern Sierra. I am obsessed with documenting the wild, messy, and imperfect (aka human) moments of people’s stories. I am someone who adores the outdoors and working with people. As a former Adventure Guide, I create photo experiences that allow all of us to have the best time possible while delivering the best photos possible. Wanna find out how?

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If I elope, does that mean I will be married by Elvis?

Often when people think of eloping they think of quick courthouse ceremonies done in secret or without much thought. Nowadays that is SO not the case! An Elopement is a wedding experience that is hand tailored to the people who are eloping. Say goodbye to the pressure that goes into planning a big wedding! Say hello to dancing to beat of your own drum and beginning your married life in a way that honors you and your partner's unique story. Traditional weddings can be magical and this style fits many people. But there is another way of doing things that is an option for those who want to avoid the stress that comes with large weddings. As one of my couples put it “I don’t want to plan a wedding for everyone else to enjoy but me.”

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From the deep slot canyons of Southern Utah to the inspiring granite walls of Yosemite National Park. There are many ways your Elopement can unfold.

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this could be you

What IS an adventure elopement?

Planning your wedding can feel a lot like being surrounded by seemingly impenetrable mountains. There can be a lot of expectations surrounding what your day is supposed to look like. When you choose to Elope, you're choosing to shed those expectations and do things different. Leave the large guest list, the long ceremony, and those external expectations behind and let’s hit the trail.

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Your wedding experience should be full of what makes you and your partner come alive. We can turn those mountains into routes by bringing the right perspective and gear—hiking, biking, relaxing in nature, rock climbing, or trying something new (like canyoneering). Give yourselves all the time in the world to exchange vows, craft your own ceremony, and soak in your moment—your way.

You might think I’m just here to take photos of your big day, but there’s so much more to it! Consider me your guide/teammate throughout this process—I’m here to help give you ideas and advice on creating a meaningful, fun, authentic day. Do you want something a little more adventurous? Having worked as a trained wilderness guide, I will come prepared to help you have the best time out on the trail or recommend guide services to get you where you want to go. I have a unique perspective to offer when it comes to safety and planning. Don't feeling like putting a on harness or getting extreme? No worries! I am here to help you find the perfect spot for your ceremony, recommend the best vendors to work with, help carry your things up a mountain, build you a timeline for your day so we can include everything you want, and SO MUCH more.

I am Your Photographer, guide, & Friend.