A Pet Friendly June Lake Engagement

When Mindy asked if they could bring their dog and two cats on their June Lake engagement, my answer was simple—”Hell Yeah.”

When I work with people and they’re inspired, there is no way I’m getting in the way of that. You want to stand on top of a mountain? Hell yeah. Rappel off a cliff? Hell yeah. Include your pets in your photos? Hell yeah!

Here are a 4 tips for how best to include your fur-babies during your engagement session.

Here are a few tips for including your pet or pets during our time together—

1) a tired dog is a good dog!

If possible, get your pup tired before we meet (especially is they are puppies!) so they won’t be trying to run after every moving thing… like my dog…

2) bring treats!

We all know the power of a good treat to get the attention of a doggo (and kitty!). Holding the treat in your hand and giving them treats during the shoot will help keep them close.

3) be patient

Raising a puppy requires so much patience and asking a doggo to sit pretty during photos can be just as hard! Try practicing their sit & stay before the shoot so they are poised and ready for action.

4) have fun

Some of my favorite photos from shoots with pets are the candid, genuine moments, and emotions that come from being with your fur-baby. We’ll work to get some classic family photos and then have FUN. This means we are playing with the dog or cat and just letting things unfold naturally. I’ll be there to capture those moments for you to keep forever.

If only these photos could talk… you’d be hearing all of the noises (literally ALL OF THE NOISES) coming from behind the camera during this June Lake Engagement. There was a squeaky toy, meowing, barking, kissy and clicky noises. Anything to get the animals attention toward the camera. Thankfully Mindy and Michael had tips for what could work for each animal. Overall we had a blast sitting in the most beautiful meadow as the sunset.

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