Eastern Sierra Rock Climber Proposal

What do you get when you live in Bishop, CA and love the outdoors? Most likely a couple of rock climbers who would call themselves ‘dirtbags’. I love dirtbags—the kind of person who knows how to find the free camping and free showers. They are resourceful, passionate about the outdoors, and have probably at one point lived out of their vehicles. So when Ross reached out to me about proposing to his partner and mentioned spending the day ‘rigging lights above a waterfall’ I was intrigued. A rock climber proposal! Yes!

Bishop, CA is known for its world-class bouldering. It’s a town that attracts climbers from all over the world. Ross and Jameisha met at a friends going away party while living in Bishop. On one of their first dates they drove to the Buttermilks, one of these climbing areas in search of a mysterious waterfall. They didn’t end up finding it and spent the night amongst giant boulders stargazing instead. It’s a memory the two of them spoke of fondly. I met Ross at the proposal site, this coveted waterfall, the afternoon before he planned to “pop the question”. It was hard to find and after driving down an intense dirt road the location seemed to come out of nowhere. No wonder they couldn’t find it during their first date!

After hours of setting up, Ross went back to Bishop to get washed up and prepare for his evening with Jameisha. The two of them grabbed food to go from a local restaurant and headed to their date night spot. By the time they arrived at the falls, Jameisha was ready to skip the waterfall hike and just eat dinner. But as we know, Ross had other plans (a rock climber proposal). The two of them arrived at the falls just after sunset. The lights Ross rigged made everything glow in the fading light. It was truly a magical moment to witness.

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