Family Photos in Bishop, CA

Family Photographer in Bishop, CA

In the fall of 2020, I posted on a local Mammoth/Bishop Facebook group and asked if anyone needed family photos taken—I wanted to connect more with my community as an Eastern Sierra Photographer and use the tool I know best, the camera. You see, I moved to Mammoth Lakes in October of 2019 and started planting roots just in time for the pandemic to hit. My world got a lot smaller and it was hard to feel like I belonged in this new home of mine. So the idea to photograph aka meet more people that live here was born. I worked out a special rate for these local families and was able to connect with a lot of people through this.

This is how Julie and I got connected. She is also an Eastern Sierra Photographer in the area who knows how expensive it is to get photos done with a family. When she saw my post on the Facebook group, she reached out to book a date. Working with another photographer is always a great time. Especially one as kind and thoughtful as Julie. Meeting her family was no different! There was a lot of energy and we took photos in the fading light of the Eastern Sierra. As we said our goodbye’s I was filled with thanks for the beauty of where I live and the joy shared with these new friends.

As I’ve been developing my business, I’ve focused on showing most of my Wedding and Elopement work since that’s what I book the most of but I just can’t say no to working with families! I love the life and energy they bring. I love the opportunity to try and get genuine laughs and smiles. I love helping find the perfect location to shoot that will make everyone happy. You can find and book me for a family session over on my Family Portfolio page.

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