I'm an artist who lives in her favorite place in the world (the Eastern Sierra) and is pursuing what makes her come alive the most—being with people in the outdoors and working with her camera. This is a joy I get to share with all I encounter and even comes through in the images I create. They say joy is contagious and working with me will show you just how contagious joy is.

Oh hey! I'm Jaymie


Your Photographer, guide, and friend.

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I’d rather be walking through the desert barefoot than stuck inside. I frequently consume coffee and have a healthy mug collection. My best friends would tell you I’m a whole bunch of lovable sass. When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I typically am holding my watercolor set and hiking to a vista to sit down and attempt to paint.

MY BEST FRIENDS WOULD TELL YOU I’M a whole bunch of lovable sass.

Working with me comes threefold. I am your Photographer, Guide, and Friend. After 10 years working with the camera, I put it down to learn a new one—Guiding. This brought me to the red rock canyon of Zion National Park where I worked as a canyoneering, climbing, and hiking guide. Let me tell you, it is SUCH an honor to watch people confront their fears and learn just how capable they really are. Working as a photographer is no different. From rappelling through a slot canyon to being in front of the camera, both are vulnerable things to do! That's where the friend aspect comes into play. We'll get to know one another throughout our planning process so by the time we are amongst it, we have a basis of trust to work off of. I cannot wait to help you achieve the experience you've always dreamed of. 

I know my experience in the outdoors and with the camera is an immense privilege and comes with responsibility. This is why I teach and follow Leave No Trace principals during each experiences and donate a percentage from each session to local non-profits working to conserve and protect our wild places.

I believe everything is

I have worked as a guide, am a certified Leave No Trace Master Educator, and professional photographer. Yes, I am passionate about what I do!

Yosemite NP
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Zion NP
Las Vegas, NV
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Death Valley NP


Death Valley NP
Zion NP
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Joshua Tree NP
Big Sur, CA
Yosemite NP


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let's explore together