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Meet Jaymie, your

I'm an artist who lives in my favorite place in the world (the Eastern Sierra) and is pursuing what makes me come alive the most—being with people in the outdoors and working with my camera. This is a joy I get to share with all I encounter and even comes through in the images I create. They say joy is contagious and working with me will show you just how true that is.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" —Mary Oliver

Hey There! I'm Jaymie.
Your Photographer, teammate, & Friend.

In open and honest communication. When we're working together, we are a team. I'm here to capture genuine moments and craft stunning images. If something doesn't feel right, please say something. This is a space for honesty!

all gender and non-gendered people are welcome. All people of color, black, indigenous people are welcome. All body sizes are celebrated. We celebrate and welcome all Queer couples and families.

Each person I get to work with is different and deserves the space to be themselves. I do not expect you to fit into any sort of mold or act like you've had photos done before. This experience is made for everyone no matter what.

Everything is connected—I teach and follow Leave No Trace principals during each experiences and donate a percentage from each session to local non-profits working to conserve and protect our wild places.


Working with me comes threefold. I am your photographer, teammate, and friend. After many years working with the camera, I put it down to learn a new one—Guiding. This brought me to the red rock canyon of Zion National Park where I worked as a canyoneering, climbing, and hiking guide. Let me tell you, it is SUCH an honor to watch people confront their fears and learn just how capable they really are.

Being a photographer is no different. As someone who has worked with a camera for 14 years now, I know being in front of the camera can be as vulnerable as rappelling through a slot canyon! That's where the friend aspect comes into play. We'll get to know one another throughout our planning process so by the time we are amongst it, we have a basis of trust to work off of.

I believe everything is connected—I know my experience in the outdoors and with the camera is an immense privilege and comes with responsibility. This is why I teach and follow Leave No Trace principals during each experiences and donate a percentage from each session to local non-profits working to conserve and protect our wild places.

As your friend, I'm there to help you feel comfortable being Y O U. Gone are the days of stiff and cold photos that you look at and wonder what in the world you were doing standing like that... No, yeah those days are over. It's time for you to have the photos you deserve, ones that look and FEEL like your wonderful self.

What makes me different than other Mammoth Lakes photographers:

I cannot wait to help you through the photo experience you've always dreamed of. 

 I've been a photographer for 14 years now and truly love what I do. As a Mammoth Lakes and Zion Photographer, I see photography as a way to connect with people, see who you are, and give that back to you in a tangle way—through images of moments witnessed together. You don't need to show up as anyone but yourself during our photo sessions. You are enough.

You see, I take photos that will make you say “OMG THATS ME!” by hand tailoring an experience that honors you and your unique story. I don't just show up and take photos—I plan an unforgettable outdoor photo experience for you AND capture all of the moments. I make your life easier by listening to what your dream wedding or adventure session or family experience and helping you turn that into a reality.

You deserve photos that reflect y o u.

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Jaymie is a Mammoth Lakes & Zion Photographer. She specializes in documenting small weddings & elopements.