What’s The Best Season To Visit Zion?

Explore Zion National Park’s Seasons: What’s the best season to visit?

Zion National Park experiences drastic seasonal changes. Before planning for your next elopement adventure at Zion National Park, it helps to know if the season will favor your romantic escape or not.

What is the best time to visit Zion National Park for an elopement?

The Summer Season (From May to September)

Summer is the best season for many to visit Zion National Park. Over 4 million annual visitors at Zion National Park choose to plan their trip to the park during the summer months. The temperatures are over 100°F/38°C. People venturing out for a hike should consider the early morning and late evening hours. The weather is ideal for outdoor family, marriage, and elopement fun activities. 

When planning for an elopement ceremony, consider a place that will carry significance for all your loved ones involved. During summer, most tour companies, restaurants, stores, and other park activities are all wholly open, unlike in different seasons. Use a refillable water bottle to carry your water. There are locations stipulated on the park map to refill your water bottle. When the summer monsoon winds start between July to September, watch out for flash floods. Inquire about the risk involved at the Park Visitor Center.

Spring Season (March and April)

During this season, the daylight and warm weather return to Zion. The trees start growing their leaves, and the earliest cactus flowers begin to blossom. Days are hot, and nights are cold. The park’s higher elevation areas may be hard to access without appropriate gear based on the amount of snow received during winter.

In spring, the park shuttle returns to a full-time operation. You can use it to access the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Bring a good camera or hire a photographer to capture the beautiful views and moments you encounter there. 

The Human History Museum will be open for particular hours. South Campground is open during this season. The Narrows are likely to be closed due to high and dangerous flow rates.

The Fall Season (Between October and November)

It’s characterized by high and low temperatures varying by 30°F per day. Most of your friends will be glad to come along with you at the park during the fall. The cool temperatures favor hiking. Fall colors start to show at the highest elevations, and you can even catch the leaves turning along the Narrows. It’s truly a sight to behold!

Winter Season (December, January, and February)

Temperatures are usually cold and wet and can range between 50 to 60°F. The snow accumulates at higher elevations. Roads are plowed, but particular trails may be closed due to falling ice hazards. You can carry dry suits to hike safely at the Narrows. Watch the park film at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, which is open all through winter. If I’m being honest, Zion National Park in the winter is my FAVORITE time to be here—the snow turns some people away and the crowds are smaller. If you come prepared with the correct gear, you can have such an incredible time. I always bring back up gear for my couples during shoots together!

Whatever reason you want to visit Zion, make it special—hire a photographer who can join you on your adventure! Mention this blog post for a special treat!

Summer in Zion
Spring in Zion
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Fall in Zion National Park
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Winter in Zion
Fall in Zion
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