We Celebrate Queer Couples

This past week we received an inquiry from a family looking to have family photos done during their visit to Mammoth Lakes. I was excited to say yes due to a last minute cancellation and began crafting a plan with them. They let me know they had originally planned a shoot with another photographer but it didn’t work out. They then asked if I was okay with photographing a same-sex couple. I told them it would be a joy and an honor to work with them. My heart hurt that they felt like they had to ask if that was okay. You should be celebrating being queer and in love!

One thing I want to be abundantly clear through my website and my actions is that this is a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ community. You are accepted, advocated for, and welcome here. How can you be photographed in a way that reflects the real you without feeling like you can be your true self? Here you don’t need to make yourself small, apologizing for anything, or being told you’re lived experience is wrong. We need all the queer couples to shine as bright as possible in this world.

Your love is beautiful. Your family is beautiful. Your journey is beautiful.

These photos were taken during a sunset session in Zion National Park at one of my favorite locals only spots.

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Jaymie is a Mammoth Lakes & Zion Photographer. She specializes in documenting small weddings & elopements.