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Maternity Session in Yosemite

This Sunrise Maternity Session in Yosemite National Park started with a lot of a bit of sweat. I ended up parking further away from our meeting location and ran to meet with B at Lower Yosemite Falls. She was striking and hard to miss with her bright red hair and a long blue ball gown. B was visiting Yosemite for the first time with some of her friends from college and wanted to document her changing body. She was 7 months along and inspired by how her body was growing.

She carried a presence of self assurance and power with her as we walked around a quiet Yosemite Valley. The place met her with equal presence and the two seemed to dance together as we took photos. What a beautiful moment to witness during this Maternity Session in Yosemite National Park.

B came to this Maternity Session in Yosemite National Park prepared with a change of clothes and when it came time to change pulled out bathing suit and floppy sunhat. “Mind if I get in the river for a few photos?” she asked.

We headed over to the Merced River and she peacefully waded in.

Thank you for It is a joy and honor to work with women one on one. I am amazed by their power, strength, and vulnerability in front of the lens and do not take that space for granted. If you’d like me to document the stage of life you are in, reach out and let me know. Tell me how you are growing and let’s work together to create a space to capture that. Consider it as a ‘yes’ and a gift from the universe to you.

  1. Margaret McDonough says:

    I am B’s mom. I am wondering if I could get some pictures from her photo shoot?

  2. How hard was this walking wise for her? Was there much hiking to do? What spots did you shoot at?

    • Jaymie Shearer says:

      It was all on paths with not much hiking. Yosemite has a lot of stunning vistas that are easy to get to.

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