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How To Choose Your Zion Elopement Photographer

You’re on the hunt for a Zion Elopement Photographer? Great! It’s no secret, Zion National Park is an INCREDIBLE place to get married. That’s why so many people are searching for a Zion Elopement Photographer. But who do you hire to not only document your day but also guide you through a complicated park system? What about navigating monsoon season and the summer heat? Or find someone who knows how to avoid the crowds and deliver an incredible experience. Does this person even exist?! YES!

We are here to help you find this magical Zion Elopement Photographer unicorn.

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Find someone who is knowledgeable about the Zion area

If you go to google and search for ‘Zion Photographer’ you are going to get so many results of people who have photographed in Zion but live no where near it. That is 100% okay and many of them produce incredible images. But what about working with someone who has seen every season in the park, knows when the light is best, when the temperatures are the most enjoyable, and have a whole list of back up location ideas outside the park not many others know about? When you work with someone who have lived in the Greater Zion Area you get this invaluable, unique perspective that can unlock the experience of your dreams.

Find a Zion Elopement Photographer whose work/style you like

Paying for a photographer is an investment—making sure you are going to enjoy the final product of that work is important! I suggest looking through the work they have online before reaching out to them. Is their Instagram feed consistent? Great! Then you can rest assure you’ll receive photos that align with that style. Since that is a place people show their best work you can always ask to see full galleries. This allows you to get a feel for how they adapt to shooting throughout the day—not just when it is the most ideal. We find it important to edit in a way that doesn’t detract from reality. You won’t find us editing in a way that leaves you wondering if you were experiencing the same thing as the photographer. Especially while photographing in Zion National Park, a land of red rocks and complex textures. Let the red rocks shine in their natural way along side you and your light shining in your unique way.

Work with a Photographer who is connected to the community

One of my favorite things about Zion/Springdale is how small it is. Everyone knows everyone and the sense of community is strong. When you work with someone who is connected to that community, you get an inside scoop of this local experience. There are so many talented individuals who really shine but may be hard to find on the internet. Zion Canyon is a cozy place with a whole lot of heart! You should work with someone who can help you experience that heart… but be careful! You might end up moving here after you get to know us.

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Pick someone you connect with on a personal level

Working with me comes threefold. I am your Photographer, Guide, and Friend. After 10 years working with the camera, I put it down to learn a new one—Guiding. This brought me to the red rock canyon of Zion National Park where I worked as a canyoneering, climbing, and hiking guide. Let me tell you, it is SUCH an honor to watch people confront their fears and learn just how capable they really are. Working as a photographer is no different. From rappelling through a slot canyon to being in front of the camera, both are vulnerable things to do! That’s where the friend aspect comes into play. We’ll get to know one another throughout our planning process so by the time we are amongst it, we have a basis of trust to work off of. I cannot wait to help you achieve the experience you’ve always dreamed of.

If reading this gives you a “dang, I want to hangout with that girl” then click the button below to learn more about hiring me to help you have the best Zion Elopement possible!

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