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Moab Elopement Guide to Red Earth Venue

The Red Earth Venue is a space perfect couples looking to have an Utah intimate wedding or Moab elopement. It’s location is perfect—nestled just outside of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Moab this desert wedding venue is not one to pass up on. Every corner of Red Earth is designed with intention and elegance.

What Red Earth Venue Provides

We also offer rentals such as: 9ft wood farm tables, wood hourglass chairs, custom built cocktail tables, welcome table, cake table, and sweetheart table, fire pits, sofa, easels, flameless candle lighting, and more!

From Red Earth’s website

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Where Is Red Earth Venue Located

Just 10 minutes from the heart of Moab, Utah and off the scenic 313 byway. For people drawn to the beauty of this desert, I’m happy to share this venue is close to Dead Horse State Park, Marlboro Point, Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park. You can plan your perfect desert roadtrip using your wedding day as a stunning launching point.

“The Glass Venue site is located approximately 10 minutes from Moab, Utah off scenic byway 313. The Glass Venue is an 1,800 square ft indoor space with a 2,300 sq ft brick patio adjacent. Bistro lighting on the outdoor patios, two ADA compliant bathrooms, a catering prep area, additional furniture rentals and a 50 car parking area are included with the rental of The Glass Venue site.

The Desert Platform Site is 1/4m from the Glass Venue accessible via dirt road. You can either access the platform on foot (approx .25m walk) and park at the Glass Venue parking area or access it with a 4×4 vehicle. The platform is 19ft x 19ft with approximately 5,000 square feet of packed dirt area for event set up. Most couples book this site in addition to the Glass Venue for their ceremony and to ensure their event is private.”

From Red Earth’s website

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What Time Of Year Should You Get Married in Moab?

Summer—As a lover of the desert, let’s just get Summer off the table. I know, summer is when it’s easiest to get time off work. Maybe you’re in school and have summer break. In that case, I recommend heading to higher elevation and booking an elopement in Yosemite National Park instead because it gets HOT in Moab, UT in the summers. And since these spaces deserve playing between outside and in, you don’t want to be sitting in the 100 degree heat nor do you want to be trapped indoors looking at the beauty. TLDR: Summer? No.

Fall/Spring—aka the “shoulder seasons” as we call them in these outdoorsy towns. I’m a huge fan of fall and spring in the desert. I’d say starting in October there are lovely temperatures, moderate weather, and fall colors! Fall colors AND red rocks? I know HOW DREAMY. Same goes with the springtime! Temperatures begin to warm up in April and stay nice until beginning of June. I’d say the fall and spring are the most ideal time for getting married in Moab.

Winter—okay so do you want to know my secret? I love the desert in the wintertime. It’s quieter than any other season regarding fellow travelers and tourists. The snow adds a depth of beauty like no other. There are some concerns when it comes to muddy roads and closures but with the right attitude you can truly have an incredible experience here in the winter months.

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A Photographers Take On Red Earth Venue

The way sunlight flutters through the windows all throughout the day is stunning and the whole spaces plays with the “outside, in” feel. As a wedding and elopement photographer, my eye is drawn to spaces that allow the natural beauty to be a part of each space I’m in. I’m also an avid outdoorswoman and lover of the desert. So when I put myself in your shoes, I was looking for a space that kept the outdoors close, honored the beauty of the red desert, and also offered minimal impact to that beauty. One of the main reasons I love Red Earth Venue is how intentional they are about easing the impact their weddings have on the land they are stewards of.

How To Book At Red Earth Venue

Reach out to them and see what dates are available through their contact form. They are the best people to offer advice about the property since it is theirs. Write down any questions you have for them and take good notes! Their guidance is going to be the best to follow. Next up, add me to your team! reach out to me about availability to document your wedding or elopement here. Also, these images were all shot on 35mm film. I’m starting to offer hybrid packages where digital and film photography are offered to document your day. Be sure to ask about that if you’re interested!

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