Winter Engagement Session in Mammoth Lakes | Lala & Nate

Lala and Nate’s Engagement Session

Lala and Nate reached out to take photos before their wedding day. The two of them have a long engagement due to the both of them joining fire academy and starting a new phase of life together. They decided to come ski at Mammoth Mountain and take photos while they were here. They needed a Mammoth Lakes Wedding Photographer to help capture their time together! We met at Mammoth Main lodge and hiked up to Minaret Vista just in time for the sunset.

As a local to the Eastern Sierra and a Mammoth Lakes Photographer, I love this hike because it gives me time to get to know the folks I hike with and offers many locations to stop along the way to snap some photos and end an incredible view. This evening with Lala and Nate was no different. The two of them wanted to share their vows with one another. I helped find a spot off the beaten path and in a more private location. It was a really incredible moment to witness.

Couple walking on snow

More About Minaret Vista

If you are planning a trip to Mammoth Lakes or have a session planned with me and are excited to see potential locations, read on! Here is the run down I like to give people that helps make Winter Engagement Sessions at Minaret Vista way fun.

Dress to impress (us with how warm of layers you have on!)

The biggest thing I try to share as a Mammoth Lakes Wedding Photographer is about how cold it can get once the sun dips behind the mountains. I recommend any outfits are paired with warm base layers underneath. For people wearing dresses they do make skin colored tights that will look great in photos. At the end of the day, I’ve found when people are warm they are able to look more comfortable in photos and that results some of their favorite photos captured. I also recommend bringing gloves, hand warmers, and anything cozy and cute!

Don’t forget we’ll be hiking on snow so wearing shoes you don’t mind getting wet is important.

Photographer Tip: Show Up Early

We often meet at the giant Wolly statue by the gondola which means parking can be limited if the resort is still running. It’s best to show up about 15-30 minutes early to make sure you find a parking spot, pack your little day pack with all those warm layers we talked about, and are able to walk to the Wolly statue from there.

Wait, How Far Is It Again?

Okay so you’ve arrive with your warm layers, have your bags packed, and are ready to go! You can expect the hike to Minaret Vista from Mammoth Main Lodge to take about 30 minutes. It’s another couple of minutes to get to the view. Most likely I’ll be directing you to “take photos over there” and “oh wait over here!!” In total the hike is 3 miles (about 1.5 miles to the very end of the Minaret Vista parking area and 1.5 miles back) with a rolling elevation gain of 350 feet.

You can find more information about booking a couples session with me here!

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