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How do you ask one of the most important questions of your life, while getting all of your significant others friends and family to be there, and keeping you Mammoth Lakes Proposal all a secret? Just ask Brian!

He reached out to me about shooting his and Abby’s mammoth lakes proposal on Lake Mary. This spot is special for both him and his girlfriend. He wanted to make the whole weekend a trip to remember.

Brian and I corresponded for months leading up to the big day. We made a plan and set a coordinate. The day of I arrived a few hours early to set up cameras and make sure the spot was clear for this Mammoth Lakes proposal. Brian and Abby would be fishing on the lake that morning and Brian would bring the boat to shore to pop the question. I could see them on the water, casually going about their day. Once the clock hit 9am, Brian veered the boat in my direction and I got into position!

Abby had no clue what was happening until moments after Brian dropped to one knee. Tears of joy began to run down her face as she realized what the love of her life was asking her. I love when moments are so genuine and real that my presence fades away and the couple is able to be in their moment together without interruption. As a professional photographer I know how to document the magic of a moment while not getting in the way.

Next came a small group of both Abby and Brian’s friends and family with bottles of champagne and glasses for all. She was so surprised by their presence as Brian was so excited to continue sharing the weekend full of surprises with her because “this is only the beginning!” We ended our session together with photos with the family and still moments with just the two of them before they boated back to the dock.

If this looks like a sweet way to start the rest of your lives together, connect with me about creating this moment of your own. I can help you plan our your surprise, pick up flowers and champagne for afterward, and even help you have a plan that doesn’t make any of this seem fishy. Each proposal is unique and there is a lot of planning that I can do to help make this run smoothly for you!

Thanks so much for reading and keep in touch with me over on instagram: @desert.paintbrush

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