Mammoth Lakes Maternity — Winter Edition

Snow, wind, and cold temperatures weren’t enough to scare off these women from their Mammoth Lakes Maternity sessions. People who come to Mammoth Lakes, CA know in their bones it’s a special place and that it might throw some weather your way. Luckily these women were ready to #WORKIT regardless of the conditions.

Mammoth Lakes Maternity: Winter Edition

The first session was in the morning and we gingerly walked to one of my favorite spots by the Forest Chapel wedding venue. We took our time keeping the gloves and jackets on, only to take them off when needed. Staying warm and coming prepared for the warmth is SO important. If you’re considering a winter shoot in Mammoth Lakes Maternity session or really ANY session, be sure to wear layers underneath your clothes, bring gloves(!!!), and a jacket you wouldn’t mind getting a few photos taken in.

maternity mammoth lakes
woman and man holding baby yoda at mammoth lakes maternity shoot

Hot Tip: Hire Local

Next up, we had another family and Mammoth Lakes maternity shoot later in the day. The wind picked up and forced us out of the first lakeside location. Thankfully, I know just where to go when this happens. We drove a short distance away to a forested area and was immediately protected from the wind. I cannot recommend hiring a local photographer enough! We know just where and what to do when the Mammoth weather doesn’t cooperate.

Hair and Makeup done by Shelly Gribben

Working With Women

One of my favorite things is working with and photographing women. It is such an honor to document this kind of growth and to catch a glimpse of the power and vulnerability that comes with motherhood. I know getting in front of a camera can be intimidating—I work so hard to help ease any worries. There are many resources and calls I send your way to both of us can go into our photo sessions feeling like we’re on the same page.

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