A few years after their wedding day, Andrea and Ted decided to do renew their vows and make new memories in a place the adore—Yosemite National Park. “Our wedding day was so stressful and when we look at our photos, that’s all we remember” said Andrea over the phone as we began to plan out our time together. She began to share more about their intention for the day and I was honored to get to be a part of it.

The two of them had a little ceremony at their favorite spot in the Valley by Clarks Bridge. It was just the two of them with a local officiant and myself. In the quiet of quiet, granite walls they had a moment to remember forever. We then took our time and snapped photos around the Valley floor in the fading sunlight. One of my favorite parts was the gorgeous bouquet Andrea made. She is a florist and made this gorgeous creation of dried flowers and plants full of fall colors to complement Yosemite’s autumnal color pallet.


I am so happy Andrea and Ted were able to do things different and make new memories after a stressful wedding experience. I find it SO important to have the wedding experience you’ve always dreamed of, not the wedding experience your family has always dreamed of. Your wedding is about you and your partner. The celebration of doing something hard and important. Crafting an experience that reflects who you are is what I love to do. When you work with me you get a photographer, friend, advocate, guide, and cheerleader. You deserve the best and I will give you my best.

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